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If you don’t have insurance and need a dental checkup, Channel Islands Family Dental is prepared to assist you. We provide a “Pay What You Can” option for new patients seeking a dental examination, giving you the opportunity to receive top-notch dental care without concerns about insurance-related expenses.

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If you do not have insurance...

Don’t worry! New patients can now determine the cost of their dental checkup at Channel Island Family Dental Office!
Take advantage of this special opportunity to find exceptional services provided by our team of experts dedicated to your oral health and overall wellness.
Operating in Newbury Park, Ventura, Santa Paula, Oxnard and Port Hueneme, we are happy to present complimentary dental checkups for new patients without insurance.

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We value the input of our patients greatly. Please take a moment to explore authentic reviews and find out why many families trust us for their dental needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations at every visit.
Rita V.
Rita V.
Tamara E.
Tamara E.
I really love this office. It was quick. Clean very friendly. Thank you much.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind review
Sharon A.
Sharon A.
Response from the owner: Thank you
The entire experience was great. The dental assistant or hygienist was very thorough and the dentist was just great. So much better than expected!!
Response from the owner: Hi Matilda thank you so much for your review

Our most popular services

Orthodontics transforms smiles. With braces and aligners, it corrects misalignments, achieving a harmonious bite and enhancing facial aesthetics. Discover the path to a confident, healthy smile with orthodontic care.

Elevate your oral hygiene with professional cleanings. Our skilled dental team removes plaque and tartar, preventing issues like cavities and gum disease. Experience the refreshing confidence of a clean, healthy smile.

Unveil a flawless smile. These custom-made, ultra-thin shells cover imperfections, creating a natural and radiant appearance. Transform your teeth, boost confidence, and showcase a stunning, picture-perfect smile with the artistry of veneers.

Swift and gentle removal of troublesome teeth. Our experienced team ensures a painless process, promoting oral health and alleviating discomfort. Trust us for efficient dental extractions, fostering a brighter, healthier smile.

Rediscover a natural smile. Our expertly placed implants replace missing teeth, offering stability and functionality. Elevate your oral health, regain confidence, and enjoy a lasting solution for a seamless, radiant smile.

Bid farewell to cavities with our seamless and durable fillings. Our skilled dentists use advanced materials to restore teeth, ensuring both strength and aesthetics. Preserve your smile’s integrity and embrace worry-free oral health with our precise dental filling procedures.

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